Register to Participate

Important Notice

Please note that the form below is strictly for international delegates who want to come to Windhoek to view the AT exhibitions, and participate in assistive technology workshops, roundtables, lectures, and/or other side events. Local participants

For local participants in Namibia, a registration form can be downloaded here, and after duly filling in, should be emailed to for vetting before payment into the NFPDN Bank account held in Namibia. But for those who just want to pay us quick visit to see what's being exhibited will pay a visitor (entry) fee of $5 (NAD50) per day right at the venue

Those who want to exhibit AT products either as free or premium exhibitors, they have their own application form, and their application will be pre-assessed. They are not required to buy any participation tickets unless if their application to exhibit has been turned down by the review committee, but they still want to participate like any other participant as explained above. For premium exhibitors, they are required to pay the exhibition fees only based on the relevant exhibition package they are applying for, and they will be advised on the payment mode after they have been accepted. While for those accepted as free exhibitors, the event scholarship will cover their participation.