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Paper Abstracts Submission Workshop and Roundtable Abstracts Submission
Submission Deadline: Saturday, 29 February 2020
The Southern Africa Assistive Technology Expo (SAATE 2020), to be held from 24 to 26 June 2020 at the Namibia’s largest Conference Centre, the Ramatex Conference Centre, in the Capital City, Windhoek. The SAATE 2020 will bring together representatives of leading public, private and non-governmental organizations - including academia, government representatives, Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs), just to mention a few - from around the world to share insights and build networks to advance the AT sector within Southern Africa. Expo activities aim to explore and find practical solutions to a myriad of AT challenges in the region, while increasing general awareness of AT products and the AT sector as a whole.

SAATE 2020 includes 1) an exhibition that provides an opportunity to suppliers, manufactures, practitioners, and disability organizations to showcase and demo different AT and related services, and 2) lectures, workshops and roundtables that will inspire a regional discourse among various stakeholders on critical issues related to AT supply and access.

This event serves as an important component of the AT-Info-Map, particularly with regards to long-term goal of increasing AT access for persons with disabilities, and influencing AT awareness among DPOs and their members, Governments and their agencies, and the public.


Goals & Objectives of the AT EXPO

The goals of the SAATE 2020 Series are to:

  1. To showcase different types of AT by AT manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and other related stakeholders;
  2. To facilitate improvements in the AT sector broadly through raising awareness about the need for better AT solutions and/or products;
  3. To provide a platform on which different stakeholders - including Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs) - can learn about a wide range of existing AT in Africa and beyond.
  4. Reflect on role of international NGOs and development actors in increasing AT access;
  5. Examine components of the AT sector such as policy and regulations, financing mechanisms, human resources and procurement and provision; to identify most suitable models for Southern Africa.
  6. Identify collaboration opportunities for increasing AT access within Southern Africa.
  7. Lastly, but not least, advance local innovations of appropriate AT solutions, products and services.


Core thematic priorities

Core thematic priorities for SAATE 2020 include:

  1. Right to AT for inclusive education
  2. Right to AT for inclusive employment (formal and informal)
  3. Right to AT for home living (daily living aids, adaptive environments)
  4. Right to AT for community living (moving about, accessible buildings, transportation, voting, recreation)
  5. Right to AT for access to criminal justice system (police, courts)
  6. Right to AT for arts, crafts and other creative expressions

Organizers acknowledge that the thematic priorities listed above on their own may exclude critical presentations/round tables that examine parts of the AT sector such as production, procurement, provision, etc. but not linked to specific activity (for instance education). Applicants are, therefore, encouraged to contact us to discuss this further if their presentation explores critical issues not clearly linked to the core thematic priorities above but they strongly feel they would make interesting discourse at the Expo.


Paper Abstract Submission

Paper abstracts submissions are invited for the SAATE 2020 in Namibia. The conference language is English, and submissions should be for technical or visionary papers, and case studies within the scope of the conference.

A paper presentation refers to a developed academic topic, policy area, an ongoing project or program evaluation. Paper presentations will represent the majority of submissions accepted for the conference and will have the following characteristics:

  • 20 - 30 min duration
  • 1 presenter per abstract submitted
  • Q&A follows all presenters

Papers must present analysis of initial or final research results or a case study related to AT. Descriptions of projects or AT solutions that include anecdotal evidence are welcome, particularly if presenters highlight lessons learned.

Any elements of the paper previously published should be carefully referenced including content already published by the authors. It is necessary for paper abstracts submitted to include new elements that have not previously been published to warrant inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Please ensure each paper abstract can be submitted under one primary theme.

The online form for individual papers can be accessed here: 



Workshop/Roundtable Abstract Submissions

Roundtable and/or Workshop proposals for sessions are invited for the SAATE 2020 in Namibia. Workshop proposals can also be submitted online for consideration. A workshop session normally lasts for 90 mins with 2 - 5 presenters per session.

The conference language is English, and workshops should focus on one of the thematic priorities of the conference, as outlined above. Workshop/roundtable organizers should register proposals online by the deadline of Saturday, 29 February 2020. Your workshop/roundtable proposal should provide a clear overview of your proposed session under the headings outlined in the submission form:

  • Summary of problem domain being addressed
  • Roundtable/Workshop objectives
  • Summary of discussion/tutorial focus, proposed outcome and target audience
  • Outline Programme (presenters, synopsis of presentation)

Each roundtable/workshop proposal should be supported by a minimum of two presenters per workshop session presented separately.

Please ensure the following rules are met when submitting a workshop/roundtable abstract:

  • Each workshop abstract can only be submitted under one primary theme.
  • Ensure you have identified all the facilitators of/for the workshop


The online form for workshop/round-table abstracts can be accessed here:


Publishing schedule for SAATE 2020 in Namibia

Paper and workshop/roundtable abstract proposals submitted by Saturday, 29 February 2020 
Acceptance of abstracts with feedback by Friday, 10 April 2020
Accepted applicants are required to register two months prior to event, by Friday, 24 April 2020
Final papers to be delivered electronically by, Monday, 27 May 2020 for editorial review and quality check